Ikigai Creations is an art and design business that seeks to bring joy and laughter to your heart and homes through thoughtful products and fun designs. And I, Kumica Truong, am the face behind it. Hi!

I especially love personalisation, to create something that is uniquely yours/theirs. In the online store, you will find various pieces which are either custom made or can be personalised. There are also cute enamel pin series’ of which you can collect the lot, or choose the one that resonates with you.

In addition, my artwork is available to custom print on a range of stationery and merch, on print-on-demand sites RedBubble and Society6.


While products make up the core business of Ikigai Creations, my past life in Web/Graphic Design, User Experience, and Branding often pops in to say hello. I also love getting creative with other people, so if you have an idea for a collab or would like to work together please get in touch and let’s make some magic together!

Just out of the shower with the fluff of my life, Archer, to distract you from my no-makeup face

So what does “Ikigai” mean anyway?

Ikigai is the Japanese formula for finding happiness and meaning, and loosely translates to “reason for being”. It encompasses joy, a sense of purpose and meaning, and a feeling of wellbeing.

The easiest way to think about “ikigai” is as the intersection between what you love, what you care about (or are good at), what the world needs, and what gets you paid so you can live comfortably. .
Ikigai distinguishes itself from the Western truism of “follow your passion” with several key elements. Pursuing your ikigai: .

  1. Is a challenge that yields growth and leads to mastery.
  2. Is your choice 
  3. Involves commitment of time and a strong belief
  4. Improves your well-being, and gives you energy

Makes more sense why I chose “Ikigai” right? The more important reason however, is in respect to the Japanese aspect of the name..

I’m half Japanese on my mother’s side. My mum is incredibly creative and has been a huge source of inspiration, influence, encouragement and support through the years.. from our Sunday arvo crafting sessions as a kid to this current venture. And so, the name Ikigai Creations serves as a tribute to her. ❤

And the logo..?

The logo is intended to be a piece of paper (given my main medium is paper) twisted in such a way that an intertwined “I” and “C” (for Ikigai Creations) is visible..

ORRRR,, you might see an abstract fox-like figure..

What’s with the fox?

Foxes are just so darn cute, don’t you think? Not to mention, my dog kind of looks like one and anyone that knows me knows I am totally smitten.

As if that’s not reason enough.. The fox is symbolic of wisdom, wit, and a guiding light through life, which I think goes hand in hand with the concept of ikigai.

Foxes are also described as crafty. Crafty! And so.. it had to be a fox.