Why are there different shipping costs for different products?

Products can be grouped into 2 main categories when it comes to shipping:

1) Pins and personalised/custom made products which are posted and handled directly by Ikigai Creations

2) Print-on-demand products including mugs, t-shirts, etc which are manufactured through Printful. These products are shipped from the United States and Europe, therefore different shipping costs apply. These rates are set by Printful, and are not controlled by Ikigai Creations.

Why doesn't the free shipping special apply to all products?

Free shipping is only offered on pins and personalised or custom made products. Or more accurately, is NOT offered on print-on-demand products such as mugs and t-shirts. The reason for this is that print-on-demand products are manufactured and shipped by Printful who set their own shipping rates, of which Ikigai Creations have no control over.

Can I get mail tracking with free shipping?

Please assume there is no mail tracking when you opt for free shipping.

Why is there a website store AND an Etsy store?

Firstly, thanks for noticing! The reason for the 2 separate stores is predominantly a matter of “in the process of transitioning” i.e. we are aiming to move away from Etsy. This is also the reason you may notice specials and sales are only available on the website store.
In terms of pricing however, there should be no difference. So please let us know if you find variations!

Which products are print-on-demand?

Basically, if the product is not 1) a pin or 2) one that is personalised at any level (from a simple name added, to completely custom made), it is most likely a print-on-demand product offered by Printful.

If you’re unsure, check the product tags for “printful”

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